Take your seat in MiG-29 supersonic jet fighter cockpit and reach the Edge of Space from where you will see the black depth of space and the curvature of horizon.

Together with one of Russia’s most experienced test pilots you will perform a complex of advanced aerobatics aboard the fighter of amazing performance capabilities.

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Vegitel Company

Vegitel is a specific aerospace oriented tour operator with a long-term experience. Our team is comprised by not only professionals in tourism but also proficient specialists directly involved for years in cosmonauts training in Star City.

Such a thorough knowledge of the subject as well as our particular specialization allow us to create unique offers and programs for both Russian and foreign partners and to provide services of highest quality and reliability.

Jet fighter flights organization is our focus area. Besides the MiG-29 flights we can offer a number of unique touristic programs: zero-G flights, tours to the Mission Control Center and Star City, accomplishment of cosmonauts training programs’ elements, tours to Baikonur spaceport to watch a rocket launch, expeditions to the spaceship landing sites, unusual corporae events and much more!

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