Edge of Space Flight

Edge of space flight aboard MiG-29 jet fighter is a unique exclusive program most popular with our guests from all over the world.

You take a seat in second pilot’s cockpit of miG-29 fighter. Under experienced test pilot control the fighter accelerates to 1800 km/h and climbs up to the altitude of 17-19 km. You will reach the Edge of Space that is two times higher that the altitude of ordinary passenger jets. In the Edge of space the sun is brighter; you can see the space blackness over your head and the horizon curve.

From such altitude the Earth will look like a satellite map to you. Due to MiG-29 panoramic cockpit windows you will enjoy fantastic views to the full extent.

Even such advanced jet fighter as MiG-29 is not able to stay in the Edge of Space over a long period of time and after a few minutes you will start descending. But that is not the end of your flight program! After a little descent the fighter will perform stunning higher aerobatics at supersonic speed.

Полет в стратосферу
Полет в стратосферу
Полет в стратосферу
Полет в стратосферу
Полет в стратосферу
Полет в стратосферу

The pilot will show you everything MiG-29 is up to performing such aerobatics as loop, tail-slide, rolls, turns, inverted flight etc. from the simplest to most complex in accordance with your physical state. Some of our gusts prefer “light” program while the others prefer to challenge themselves.

During the flight you will wear high altitude suit that will protect your body from g-loads and communicate with the pilot discussing flight program on-line.

С разрешения летчика-испытателя и под его контролем в определенные моменты возможна краткосрочная передача управления самолетом в ваши руки.

Попробуйте лично пилотировать сверхзвуковой истребитель и самостоятельно выполнить некоторые элементы высшего пилотажа!

Полет в стратосферу и следующая за ним программа высшего пилотажа совокупно длятся около 45 минут, однако эмоций и воспоминаний хватит на всю жизнь!

Book your flight

There are almost no age or sex limitations! The oldest of our sky conquerors was 71 years, the ladies made up about one-third of our pilots. It is you to determine the complexity and the content of your flight program during preflight briefing.

Полет в стратосферу
Полет в стратосферу
Полет в стратосферу
Полет в стратосферу
Полет в стратосферу
Полет в стратосферу

We may perform up to three flights a day. So your friend or family members may follow your steps and conquer Edge of space right after you.

Both Russian and foreign citizens are allowed to fly MiG-29. You may either take attendants to watch your air show.

Where do we fly?

Edges of space flights are performed at Sokol airbase in Nizhny Novgorod.

This is the world’s only place where touristic jet fighters flights are performed.

Nizhny Novgorod is about 470 kilometers far from Moscow.

You can get there either by high-speed train (3,5 hours), by plane (1 hour) of by car.

Your Flight Movie

A unique movie about your flight will make a good bonus to your adventure. We install several special HD-cameras both in the cockpit and on the outer surface of the fighter and make recording of your communications with the pilot. Besides in the course of your on-ground preflight preparations and during post-flight operations you will be followed by photographer and operator.

Thus you will be able to share your emotions with your dears showing them professional movie in a special multiangle format, which makes it possible to change cameras at any moment of time switching the angle and the view and moreover displaying data about current flight parameters (velocity, Mach number, altitude and G-loads) of every moment of time.

We will be glad to answer your questions about MiG-29 jet fighter flights.

+7 (495) 664-31-29


The price includes:

  • All necessary papers and permissions and access clearance to get to Sokol airbase territory;
  • Preflight medical check;
  • Preflight briefing with a pilot;
  • Individual equipment for the flight, tailoring and instructions on its use;
  • Preflight briefing in the cockpit on fighter control panel and communication equipment;
  • Flight aboard MiG-29 jet fighter according to the program chosen;
  • Personal certificate testifying MiG-29 flight completion with flight parameters listed;
  • Exclusive copyrighted edge of space picture by external camera personally signed by the pilot;
  • Aviation-related souvenirs;
  • Military cap (in cold seasons);
  • MiG-29 baseball cap (in warm seasons);
  • Transportation services for the whole flight day;
  • Access clearance for two attendants;
  • Sokol Airbase Museum guided tour (before or after MiG-29 flight);
  • Record about MiG-29 flight in pilot logbook (if you have one);
  • Memorable picture with a test pilot.

Flights are performed on weekdays only.
The flights are possible for people reached the age of 18.

Полет в стратосферу
Полет в стратосферу
Полет в стратосферу
Полет в стратосферу
Полет в стратосферу
Полет в стратосферу

Apart of the flight we will either be glad to arrange for you the following services:

  • Personal flight suit;
  • Hotel accommodation;
  • Excursion program in Nizhny Novgorod;
  • Memorable souvenirs

Besides we may arrange for you an individual aerospace program including visiting Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre in Star City, Monino Museum of Air Forces, Mission Control Centre, etc. The program may be either an excursion tour or include elements of real space trainings.