MIG-29 Flight programs

MiG-29 flight programs by our Company can meet the needs of most sophisticated adventure fans. Edge of Space flight or one of two variants of Advanced aerobatics program? You choose!

Buying a gift certificate you can also present a flight to your dears, friends or business partners.

Egde of Space Flight

Egde of Space Flight

The most popular MiG-29 flight program!

The fighter climbs to the altitude up to 18 000 meters where you can see the blackness of the open space and curvature of the horizon.

Program also includes advanced aerobatics.

Flight duration — 45 minutes.
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Advanced aerobatics aboard MiG-29

Advanced aerobatics aboard MiG-29

We offer two alternatives of aerobatics program that will let you feel like a real jet fighter pilot and make yourself a hero of your personal air show.

During the flight on MiG-29 fighter jet you will complete a number of advanced aerobatics maneuvers — beginning from simple rolls and ending with “tail slide” and “Nesterov loop”.

Flight duration — 25 / 45 minutes.
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Flight as a Gift

Flight as a Gift

Jet fighter flight is an incredible experience!

You can present your dear with a flight onboard MiG-29 jet fighter. The flight date is to be chosen by certificate holder.

Such amazing gift will be remembered forever!

Certificate cost: in accordance with a chosen flight program
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We will be happy to answer your questions about MiG-29 flight organization

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9:30-10:30. Meeting with a guide, Sokol plant Museum tour

We have no doubts that it is of great use and interest for you to learn more about the fighter you are going to fly onboard as well as about the history of Russian aviation and those people creating such incredible aircrafts.

Sokol plant museum has a great number of unique pieces demonstrating the most important periods of Russian aviation development. Experienced guides will answer all your questions.

Inspired by these impressions you will go to the next stage of preflight preparations.


10:30-11:00. Briefing with a pilot

Time to meet your first pilot and discuss flight details!

You will learn more about advanced aerobatics maneuvers MiG-29 is capable to perform and will be able to adjust flight program adding those maneuvers you are interested in.


11:00-11:15. Medical check

To fly jet fighter you will have to pass medical check at the airbase. No worry, no super health needed. You just have to feel well. The doctor will check your blood pressure and some more parameters of your health to approve you for the flight.


11:15-12:00 Fit check, briefing on flight equipment

Flight equipment fit check seems to be one of the most interesting stages of preflight preparation.

To fly a jet fighter you need one of two special suits. The first one – G-suit is necessary to prevent the impact of g-loads, the second one — high-altitude suit saves pilots in case of cockpit decompression.

Under the guidance of our experienced instructors you will also learn how to use the protective helmet and the oxygen mask.


12:00-12:30 Preflight preparation at the airfield

Before taking a seat in MiG-29 cockpit you will have a chance to examine the fighter together with a pilot and engineer, study its technical features and make sure that the fighter is absolutely reliable.

And finally you will pass a briefing in the second pilot’s cockpit. The pilot and the engineer will tell you about jet fighter’s control panel and answer all your questions. Ready, set, go!


12:30-13:30 Flight (according to the program)

The flight is performed in accordance with the chosen program.



For sure this priceless experience ought to be registered not only as your memories, but in the formal manner as well. After the flight you will be awarded with a personal certificate signed by your first pilot and confirming your completion of a flight aboard jet fighter with all flight parameters and aerobatics.